Sunday, November 1, 2015

NASCAR Imitating Professional Wrestling

Vince McMahon of the WWE could not have scripted the NASCAR race in Martinsville today any better.
And boys and girls, this is our story.
2 weeks ago, our villain, Joey Logano, spins our hero, Matt Kenseth at the Kansas race, as Kenseth was leading with 5 laps to go, thereby ensuring that Kenseth does not qualify further in the Sprint Cup Chase championship.
Then, our villain does some naughty things to our hero and also crowd favorite, Dale Earnhardt at Talladega and tempers continue to flare but not to the point of revenge, but there is trash talking by the hero, Kenseth.
Now today, our villain is leading the race when our hero, Kenseth, is pretty much taken out by the villain's teammate, Bad Brad Keslowski and our hero is not pissed.
So, with a limping car, the hero returns to the race and the villain, Logano, who was leading the race at the time tries to pass the hero, Kenseth, when Kenseth takes out Logano in a hard crash and the tempers flare among their teammates.  And the crowd goes wild
Both drivers are out and Kenseth is kindly asked not to return to the track and finish the race, even if he could.
And then Kenseth gives a total BS interview saying his tire was going on and there was nothing he could do to avoid the accident.
And the crowd goes wild.
The villain, then falls to 37th place, the crowd goes wild and he is booed by the fans.
Meanwhile, the huge crowd and sentimental favorite, Jeff Gordon takes the tag from Kenseth and he wins the race, even though he didn't have the best car today.
And the crowd goes wild.
And now, while NASCAR is feigning anger at the hero, they are down right pleased because everyone is talking about the race and will tune in to next week for the next chapter and see if the villain, Logano will comeback and win or will the hero, Kenseth takes him out again.
From ESPN: Two weeks after Matt Kenseth was taken out by Joey Logano, Kenseth returned the favor, wrecking him when Logano was leading the Sprint Cup Series race with 47 laps remaining Sunday at Martinsville Speedway.
Kenseth, who himself was vying for the lead a handful of laps earlier, was involved in a wreck he felt was triggered by Logano's Penske Racing teammate Brad Keselowski. But Sunday's wreck appeared to be in response to an incident from two weeks earlier, when Logano turned Kenseth for the win with five laps remaining at Kansas Speedway, a move that eventually kept Kenseth from advancing to the third round of the Chase for the Sprint Cup.
The Goody's 500 on Sunday was the first race of the third round.
"What happened at Kansas was a completely different deal," Logano said. "We were racing for the win, and he blocks you a few times, and we raced hard, and he blocked me and spun out. That's what happened there. Here, he was a complete coward. ... It's a chicken-you-know-what move to completely take out the leader when your race is over. ... He'll have his."
Stay tuned to see what happens next, just like professional wrestling.

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