Sunday, November 1, 2015

I Do Believe In Ghosts, I Do, I Do Believe Ghosts

I work at the local K-Mart her ein Kingman, AZ.
I've heard rumors of ghosts at the store and the ghost is supposed to be a young girl who died either at the store or got ill or hurt at the store and died at the local hospital.
Up until now, I really didn't believe in ghosts.
But the ghost sometimes appears in the corner of my eye while in the backroom storage area- I'm ont he main floor and I will see it on the 2nd floor.
After the store closes, I can hear some unusual sounds, mostly clothes rustling around.
And today, and I cannot even blame the full moon. I heard a younger person call out, "excuse me".  This carried on for about 10 minutes and I probably heard "excuse me" 25-30 times.
So, either it was a ghost, or I am bat shit crazy and in need of some hospitalization.
I hope it is option #1 and not option #2.
So, in honor of my hearing things, from the Wizard of Oz:

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