Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Union Thugs at It Again

Another union strike, more union thuggery.
From the Sheboygan Press:
The Kohler Co. labor strike entered its second full day Tuesday with a Sheboygan judge issuing a temporary injunction barring picketers from interfering with traffic near company property, a day after protesters brought travel around company headquarters to a standstill.
Sheboygan County Circuit Court Judge James Bolgert issued the order at the request of Kohler Co. officials, who are also seeking additional restrictions on picketers, including barring them from engaging in mass protests. A hearing is now scheduled for Nov. 25....
Upon arrival, throngs of picketers delayed their entrance to parking areas by standing in front of vehicles and prompted some to turn back.
Meanwhile, delivery trucks, customers and others doing business with the company encountered similar situations.
Kohler also alleges picketers directed abusive language toward drivers, crowded around vehicles and harassed people trying to access company property.
On Monday, picketers told the Sheboygan Press they weren't trying to block cars and instead were attempting to check ID badges to make sure union members were not showing up for work.  http://www.sheboyganpress.com/story/news/2015/11/17/injunction-issued-against-kohler-picketers/75940018/
Heck, even cops just cannot wait ont he side of the road and demand to see identification without just cause.
But union thugs apparently think they are above the law and the thugs think they force any car to stop and the thugs believe have every right to check ID.
Once a union thug, always a union thug.
And those who are on strike against Kohler are nothing but thugs.
Hey, Mr. Kohler, come to northern Arizona.  It's a right to work state, there's a good work force here and there are very few union thugs around, unlike those in Wisconsin.

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  1. Also Dan, they drove around the American Club blowing their horns so the guests count not get any sleep. This caused most of them to check out the next morning. How those thugs treat others is revealing, think of all the American Club workers that have nothing to do with the Kohler factory. Think of all the lost wages and tips. But of course Union thugs only think of themselves.