Sunday, December 6, 2015

But Do You Believe Him?

So, President Obama gave a speech today about the "new" terror threat in the United States, even though we have had numerous terorist attacks during Obama's tenure so far.
From the LVRJ: President Barack Obama warned Americans on Sunday the terrorist threat to the United States had evolved into a dangerous "new phase" in the aftermath of a deadly California shooting rampage, but vowed to destroy Islamic State and other militant groups.
In a rare Oval Office address, Obama sought to calm a U.S. public increasingly jittery about the fight against Islamist militancy that once appeared to be waged overseas. But he offered no major shift in a strategy that has faced growing criticism it has failed to keep the country safe.
Instead, in a measured way, Obama drew a careful line about what he would and would not do. He pledged, for example, to "hunt down terrorist plotters" anywhere they are. But he insisted in the nationally televised speech: "We should not be drawn once more into a long and costly ground war in Iraq or Syria."
You would hope you could believe Obama and that he is serious about fighting muslim terrorism.
On the positive side, Obama does a good job using drones to target terrorists.
On the negative side: Obama still wants to allow tens of thousands of Syrians to come into the country without properly vetting them.
He still has done nothing about securing the border, north and south.
He still allows illegals with criminals convictions still stay in the country.
He mocks Russian President Putin about their fight with muslim terrorists.
Allies don't trust him because Obama has broken promises, he lies and some of his talking points are from a man who has no clue or they come from a delusional man.
So, Obama can give a speech on Sunday night during prime time but yet who really believes him?
Not the allies.
And certainly not the terrorists.
Probably the only people who believe him are his goose stepping followers.

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