Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Update: Conservative Buys LVRJ, Liberals Heads Explodes

The Las Vegas Review Journal has been sold again and this time, to a true conservative, Sheldon Adelson, one of the GOP kingmakers.
And now, the liberal head heads, especially those at the LVRJ, have now exploded.
The LVRJ used to be one of the last conservative newspapers int he united states and now a true conservative owns it.
Because of this, the liberal editor of the LVRJ has resigned.  Good riddance because the LVRJ news articles have become more liberal and the writers put a liberal slant on the news.
The left thinks they should have a monopoly on ownership of newspapers.  They also believe that all newspaper writers along with editorial and columnist writers all need to belong on the liberal plantation.
Just like they believe all Blacks and Hispanics need to be liberal.
All females need to be liberal.
All college professors need to be liberal.
All K-12 school teachers need to be liberal. (Sorry, but this high school teacher refuses to be brought down by the liberals, and there are a lot more of conservative teachers than you think)
So, I really hope the new owners of the LVRJ will make the liberal writers leave and that the news articles will just report the news and not put their liberal or conservatives views in the news story. 
As far as the editorial page, heck, make it conservative so there is at least 1 conservative voice out there.
Time will tell how this works out.

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