Saturday, December 12, 2015

More Suckers Born Every Minute

So, the fools/liars/fraudsters, led by President Obama have come up with an agreement on climate change and how to screw taxpayers, business people and consumers.
From Fox News:
President Obama hailed the approval of a far-reaching global climate accord to limit greenhouse gas emissions adopted Saturday in Paris, in a statement from the White House Cabinet Room Saturday afternoon.
Praising the pact as a ‘turning point for the world,’ Obama commended leaders from more than 190 countries for working together “to show what is possible when the world stands as one.”
Leaders of the many nations involved had been negotiating the pact for four years after earlier attempts to reach such a deal failed.
Loud applause shook the large Paris conference hall where the talks were being held after French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius gaveled final approval of the agreement earlier in the day. Some delegates started crying. Others embraced.
“In short, this agreement will mean less of pollution that threatens our planet. Full implementation of this agreement and will pave the way for more progress in stages over the years. It sends a powerful signal: a low carbon future, in clean energy at a scale we have never seen before.” Obama said.
The pact, known as “the Paris agreement,” is supposed to take effect in 2020 and strives to limit global temperature rise even more, to 1.5 degrees Celsius.
I'm all for lessening pollution, especially voluntairyly.
But that is not what these fraudsters want to do.
Obama and his ilk will run and fly around in their big jets, creating more pollution than 99.9% of the evil American and then tell us we are the cause of pollution and climate change.
And today, it is freezing in the Mohave Desert with another string of snowstorms in the West, all caused by...nature and El Nino.
And all the predictions of the fraudsters about all the damage climate change will do?
It hasn't panned out yet.
And of course there are a bunch of scientists who claim they believe in climate change, as long as they get their money.
But there are also thousands of scientists who disagree with them.
For those who think that man causes climate change, I really feel sorry for you because you are just a very gullible person because you don't think for yourself.
Even though there are so many instances of fraud, like saying the Earth is warming at a rapid rate, in reality, there are also people say we are cooling.
But people who believe just want to be politically correct.
So, with regards to P.T. Barnum: "Don't worry about that, there's a sucker born every minute.".

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