Monday, December 14, 2015

Once In A Blue Mood, He Is Right

From the Reno Gazette Journal./Jon Ralston:
The choreography was spectacular.
The governor loves the locals. The locals love the governor. The company loves everyone.
The assembled crowd applauded on cue. People were given credit who deserved it; people were given credit who did not deserve it.
It was an electrifying song and dance.
So much love in the Grant Sawyer Building foyer Thursday morning as Gov. Brian Sandoval announced Faraday Future will build a factory in North Las Vegas, the second green-energy carmaker in 15 months to declare its Nevadaphilia. Tesla in the North; Faraday in the South. This is … the New Nevada!
There is only one minor thing missing from the deal, projected to bring $85 billion into the economy after tax incentives and infrastructure grants of $300 million-plus are consumed: A product.
Unlike Tesla, which, you know, has a car, Faraday has no model X, Y or Z and won’t say when it will have one, but promises that the vehicle will be amazingly spectacular and wonderful – sort of like that news conference. Tesla was a gamble, but the quality and quantity was known; that was like playing poker with the cards facing up.
Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in  awhile and finally, Ralston got his nut.
With gas below $2 a gallon, who is really in the market for an electrical car?
And this is a start up company with no history and Nevada is willing to lie down with them in bed and give the company anything they want.
This is probably going to end bad.

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