Tuesday, December 22, 2015

People Are Pigs

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If you work in retail or work directly with customers, you know this time of year, people are pigs, slobs and a pain in the ass.
At the big box store I work part time at (and it rhymes with Wal-Mart but add a "K" to Mart), people are just pigs.
They will take blankets out of there packages and then throw the package and blanket into 2 separate piles instead of trying to refold the blanket.
The customers decided that they will leave their shopping carts wherever they please, in the parking lot, a block away from the parking lot.  Is it so hard not to put the carts in the cart corral?
If they find a product they like but if they find something better, they don't bring the first product they had back to it's home, they leave it where they have decided they don't want it.
And the worse, while New Years bring out the amateur drinkers, Christmas shopping bring out the worst drivers, especially the elderly.
It is scary to watch elderly, mostly women, try and drive right after they could not figure how to go out the doors.  The don't know to go out the "out" door- they try to go out the open door and can't figure out why the electric door "in" door doesn't open.
It's scary when the elderly cannot understand how to use a credit or debit card.
It is scary to see the mostly elderly people, riding the electric scooters to shop and they keep running into things like shelves and other fixed objects and then get into their cars and drive away.
So, Christmas is a time when people, who have been hibernating for the past 11 and 1/2 months come out and go shopping and clearly, these people are scary and/or are just flat out pigs and slobs. (And sorry for insulting the pigs)

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