Monday, December 14, 2015

Too Bad For The Snowbirds

Snowbirds(Warmusupus) are a breed of bird, consisting of mostly elderly retired folk who migrate south for the winter from usually cold climates.  They are usually found in their native habitat of a travel trailer and sometimes they will travel in a flock of snowbirds.  They usually will leave their northern homes just after Labor Day and head back north around Memorial Day.
Many of these snowbirds end in Arizona, specifically, Mohave County, AZ.
Well, this year of El Nino, it has made these snowbirds minds all higgledy piggledy.
Well, this morning, snowbirds outside of the Colorado River basin ended up with snow on their travel trailer.
Tonight, the low will be about 25 degrees.
Tomorrow nights low will be 20 degrees F.
Meanwhile, up in Portland, Maine, way up in Northeast U.S., the low tonight will be 36 and tomorrow night will be 40 degrees F.
In Buffalo, NY, snow capitol of the world, the low tonight will be 30 and the low tomorrow night will be  30 degrees F.
Here is a picture of our beloved Snowbird:
Image result for picture of an elderly couple

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