Thursday, December 31, 2015

Las Vegas Cops Shoot Unarmed Black Thug

Will there be riots and protests or will the racist brothers of Al, Jesse and Barack make demands or march in Las Vegas?
From the LVRJ: Las Vegas police said they thought a man they shot and killed in the west valley Thursday afternoon was holding a gun.
Instead, the man was holding a cell phone in his right hand, hidden from view as he approached officers. He did not follow multiple orders to stop, show his hand and drop what he was holding, Metro Capt. Matt McCarthy said. So officers shot him "several" times.
The man was wanted out of Arizona on violent felonies, and U.S. Marshals were conducting surveillance on him just before the shooting. But around 2 p.m. he fled into the Monaco Cove planned community, just north of Desert Breeze park, and Metro said the marshals asked police for help.
As officers started twisted through the neighborhood's winding roads, they were told the man was wanted for attempted murder. And as they looked for him, Lori Denehy, 36, was on her driveway, packing up her camper for a weekend trip.
Three of Denehy's children, ages 7, 5 and 3, were playing next to her on the lawn. That's when an unmarked patrol car sped north in front of her Maple Valley Street home, then swerved into a U-turn and pulled up next to her.
The officer asked if she'd seen a black man running. When she said no, he told her, "Go inside and lock all your doors."
All you have to do when the cops ask you to stop, raise your hands and drop whatever you have in your hands and you won't get shot.
And if Al or Jesse want to come and march in Las Vegas, don't be surprised if there is some serious backlash against them.  If Obama tries to make an issue of it, he will be laughed as well he should be, since he is such a clown and a half.

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