Thursday, December 3, 2015

Holy Crap, The Packers Win

Talk about miracle finishes, the Green Bay Packers came back from 20 points to beat the Detroit Lions on a face mask and then a Hail Mary touchdown points.
With the 6 seconds left, The Packers ran a trick play in which the Packers completed a pass but then threw the ball backwards to Aaron Rogers, who helped convince the ref's for a personal foul 15 yard face mask penalty.
Because of the penalty, the Packers got a free down with 0:00 left on clock.
On the final play, Rogers was chased out the pocket, then from the far sideline heaved a 61 and a very high pass with Richard Rodgers going up and grabbing the throw by out leaping and getting in front of the Lion's defensive backs.
I thought there was no way the Packers would win but they lucked out and defeated the Lions, who out played the Packers throughout the game, except for the last 5 minutes.
Hopefully, this will wake up the Packers and propel them forward to the playoffs.

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