Sunday, December 20, 2015

Life Imitates Waldo

Where's Hillary?
Maybe she was going out for a shot and a beer?
Hell, if she did that, I might even vote for her.
From the NY Daily News: ABC News went on without Hillary Clinton at its Democratic debate Saturday when the presidential candidate failed to return to her podium during a commercial break.
The former Secretary of State sauntered on stage with a brief apology just as U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders fielded a question from moderator David Muir at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.
“Sorry,” Clinton said as she entered from stage right.
It’s unclear what kept Clinton backstage as Sanders and former Maryland Governor Mark O’Malley waited awkwardly by their podiums. Even the debates hosts, Muir and Martha Raddatz wondered about the hold up after returning from the break.
Clinton broke the seal on her bathroom habits at a prior debate and said her trips demand more time than a commercial break allows. 
I just wonder what the reaction by the main stream media would be if Donald Trump or any conservative did this?
I'm pretty sure the MSM would not have ignored it like they are pretty much doing right now,
So, why was Hillary late?  Did she need a drink?  Was she drunk?  Was she getting some advise from her handlers?  Or was she uploading data from her server that she had hid in her dressing room?
Whatever the reason, it's just another reason why Hillary just cannot be trusted.

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