Friday, December 25, 2015

Buying Meth? Don't Buy It With A Wal-Mart Card

From the Havre Daily News:
A Havre man is accused of receiving a shipment through FedEx of methamphetamine that he paid for with a Walmart card.
Stefan Hickel is being charged with attempted criminal possession with intent to distribute and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.
A FedEx employee called a Tri-Agency Task Force agent to inform him the company received a suspicious package that was to be delivered to a 2nd Street Havre address, a charging document says. The employee told the agent that another FedEx employee thought the package suspicious and opened it. The FedEx employees determined that the contents of the package was crystal meth.
The FedEx employee asked the agent what he wanted him to do with the box. The agent had the package forwarded to him and he took custody of it Aug. 26, 2014, the document says.
The agent obtained a warrant, after which he had the substance tested and validated as meth — 10.4 grams of it.
Once he was granted another warrant, the same day, the agent repackaged the box that was discovered at the Great Falls FedEx and delivered it to the Havre address himself, posing as a FedEx employee. A man the agent recognized as Hickel opened the door — Hickel had been mentioned by informants earlier in the year — signed someone else's name, and received the package, the document says.
My guess that if you use Fed Ex for delivery and use a Wal-Mart card to buy meth, it probably will not work out well for you.

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