Saturday, December 12, 2015

There is Supposed To Be a Famous Movie Coming Out

I might be the Only one in the the civilized world that has never seen a Star War's movie.
Star Wars has never interested me and most movies, especially blockbusters don't.
Of the top 25 grossing movies of all time, I have never seen them in the theater, CD or on TV.
Of the top 100 movies of all time, I have seen a grand total of 18, all on TV or CD.
And I have no problem with not seeing movies because they rarely come out with a movie I like.
And from what I can tell, the quality of films, in my opinion are just not as good as the movies from the past.  Yes, the special effects are better and the acting is maybe a little better, the story lines and over all quality are completely lacking compared to movies from the past.
So, good Luck to the Star Wars people but I just won't be one of the few people who won't be seeing it.

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