Monday, December 7, 2015

Who's More Extreme: Trump Or Obama?

So, Donald Trump is being called an extremist because we should not allow any muslims in the United States.
But Obama wants to allow all middle east muslims, especially From Syria, in the United States, even though we cannot properly check them out and see if they are terrorists.
Obama thinks there is a great deal of muslim hating in the United States, except well over half of hate crimes are against Jews (around 57%)
Trump is not afraid of going after muslims.
Donald Trump likes Israel, Obama hates Israel.
So, who is more extreme?


  1. They are equally extreme, which is why neither man should be our president.

  2. Well, you know you stay friendly with me because I offer a different perspective, so I'll give you mine:

    - Obama isn't allowing "all Middle East Muslims" into the United States. There's a set amount, and they go through a multiple-agency vetting process (whether you think it's vigorous enough is a different discussion).
    - There IS a great deal of Muslim hating in the US, which was evident in the crowd response to Trump yesterday. And the response to the "Ground Zero Mosque," to name a couple of examples.
    - Yes, there is anti-Semitism too, often by the same segment of the populace.
    - Obama has gone after plenty of Muslims.
    - I've seen no evidence that Obama "hates" Israel.

    From my perspective, President Obama is a centrist, a moderate. He's no Bernie Sanders, so clearly he's not "far left." He hasn't grabbed any guns, there never were FEMA camps, there weren't any death panels, and we're far better off economically than we were in January 2009 when he started. I seriously, honestly can't figure out where your perspective comes from.

    And there you go. Trump's more extreme, but I doubt that if he managed to get elected he could do a fraction of the things he promises anyway. Much of it is unconstitutional, and most of it would require a compliant Congress.