Monday, December 7, 2015

Strange Kidnap Case In Vegas/Kingman

From the Las Vegas Sun: A man accused of kidnapping and keeping a 14-year-old Arizona girl as his sex slave for more than a month in North Las Vegas may also be responsible for the abduction of a 15-year-old who provided a similar account to Reno police, authorities said Monday....
Kim was arrested after the 14-year-old used a pair of scissors to unlock the door of a bedroom on Thursday and flee to a nearby convenience store.
She told police she'd been kept locked away for a month, raped repeatedly and photographed in sex acts, threatened with a handgun, and left alone with a bucket for a toilet when Kim was gone, according to a police report.
The girl told police she ran away from home, got into a van with Kim, smoked marijuana and fell asleep before waking up in the Las Vegas area, some 100 miles north of her hometown. She said the man showed her a gun and held his hands around her throat several times, and told her that cameras monitored what she did when he was away.
Ok, if she was kidnapped, and was brought across state lines, why isn't this a Federal case?
And the thugs father lived in the same house, why didn't smell the bucket of poop or urine?
If the charges are true, I hope sits in jail the rest of his life, but this case also appears to be defense attorney's dream.

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