Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dish TV Sucks

Well, we got back from California around 4:00 this morning. 
We expected to watch a little TV to calm us down before we went to bed and we turned on our TV...nothing..nada...zilch.
We get the message saying the DVR has suffered a catastrophic error, in other words, the DVR died.
So, we called up Dish and they said there was nothing we could do and that we would be sent a new DVR in 4 days or so- not sure if that counts weekends and the holidays.
And the Dish person also said, in a rather non-caring voice, that everything saved to the DVR was lost, or about 99 hours of our favorite movies, TV shows, sporting events- everything.
So, it will be fairly quiet with no TV for the next several days.  I get to miss some of the bowl games, the Packer-Viking games and whatever else that is on this weekend.
Almost like living like the Amish.

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  1. I had Dish TV too. After several years, I started calling asking them to change the DVR and copy over the content. They refused. I finally told them that when the DVR dies, I will cancel my service. When the DVR died, I called and said, "remove your equipment." Since that time, they call frequently, send letters at least once or twice a month and have people knock on my door trying to get me to sign up again. It would have been a lot cheaper to do as I asked, than to try to get me back now.