Sunday, January 31, 2016

ACLU: Terrorist Organization

From the Chicago Sun Times:
Authorities last year suggested Chicago’s spike in gun violence in 2015 was due to the “Ferguson effect” — cops afraid to do their jobs because of the scrutiny following the shooting of a black teenager by a white officer in 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.
But with Chicago now plagued with an even steeper rise in fatal shootings in January, compared with the same period of 2015, street cops are offering a new reason: the “ACLU effect.”
They say the Chicago Police Department’s pact with the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois to monitor police stops in greater detail is prompting officers to stop policing, leaving the streets to the criminals and leading to the spike in gun violence.
Starting in January, officers have been required to fill out two-page forms documenting every stop of a citizen for everything from traffic violations to investigative stops. They ask for much more information than the previous one-page “contact cards” officers filled out.
In interviews with officers and sergeants over the past month, a common theme has emerged: Cops say they have avoided making many of the stops they would have routinely done last year. They fear getting in trouble for stops later deemed to be illegal and say the new cards take too much time to complete. 
Meantime, January 2016 was the deadliest first month of the year since 2001, according to a Chicago Sun-Times review of homicide records. At least 50 murders were recorded through 6 a.m. Sunday — most the result of shootings on the West and South Sides.
The ACLU should be considered to be a terrorist organization.  Their liberal policies have caused more violent deaths in the United States than muslim terrorists, the KKK and other terror organizations in the United States.
They have put violent criminals on the street, their liberal policies have made America more violent and now, because they have gotten in bed with liberal politicians running liberal big cities, they have made cops afraid to their job, which causes more violence in these cities to continue.
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Terror organization

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