Saturday, January 2, 2016

That Evil Concervative Big Business

A few years ago, Johnsonville, a sausage and brat maker (whose products are very good) was in the liberal cross hairs for their audacity of contributing to Scott walker election campaign.
Now, they are taking care of their employees after a devastating fire that destroyed a plant of theirs.
From jsonline, Milwaukee:
John Kaliebe woke at 4 o'clock on a Monday morning in May, just like any other workday. He was out the door by 4:45. But as he drove over the hill to his job as a supervisor at the Johnsonville Sausage plant in Watertown, Kaliebe's day took a drastic turn.
"I saw all the fire trucks and ambulances and my heart just sunk down to my feet," Kaliebe recalled.
A fire had destroyed the meat processing plant where Kaliebe had worked for the past 30 years.
Workers were still arriving at the smoldering building, so Kaliebe began taking names and phone numbers, saying the company would be in touch. He thought about the rent and mortgage payments, the other obligations, and the many families that depended on these jobs.
He considered the question that was running through all of the workers' minds: Are we going to have to go on unemployment?
By the end of the week, however, Kaliebe and his co-workers learned that Johnsonville intended to continue paying full wages and benefits to the plant's 120 employees.
Seven months later, the employees are still getting paid, Watertown has enjoyed a burst of volunteer activity that stands at 7,000 hours and counting, and Johnsonville is spending more than $10 million to renovate a new building, where it plans to hire 30 additional workers when it opens in spring.
The plant's employees receive full salaries, along with monthly bonuses based on the company's performance, as long as they do at least one of three things: volunteer at local organizations, take training classes at the local technical college or work in other Johnsonville facilities.

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