Saturday, January 16, 2016

Those New York City Media Values

Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican who is running for president and is probably the most consistent conservative person in the GOP field has been under fire since Thursday when said that Donald Trump had those NYC liberal abortion, gay marriage etc.
And the NYC media has had a field day with the quote.
So, let's see what a moral value the New York City media has.
From the NY Daily News: A Manhattan teenager died Friday as she tried to cross between rooftops in Hell’s Kitchen, slipping and falling six stories into a narrow sleeve between the buildings, authorities said.
Natalia Jimenez, 15, plummeted down an airshaft that separates two apartment buildings on 10th Ave. near W. 48th St. at around 4:30 p.m., police said.
The teen had been scampering over rooftops with two female friends, both 14, cops said. But she lost her footing when she tried to climb a slight incline onto the ledge at 699 10th Ave., police sources said. Witnesses heard a loud smash — before seeing Jimenez’s body at the bottom of the gritty shaft.
“It was a big thump,” said Leslie Rodriguez, who lives in the back of the building where the teen fell. “I thought someone had slammed the door. I ran down and saw someone lying there. She was in a crouch. It was horrible".
And the following picture was posted:
Agatha Mangano, mother of Natalya Jimenez, speaks to the media outside her home on Friday after tragically losing her daughter.
So, this poor young girl is killed in an accident at 4:30 EST and the story with the victim's name and a picture of slime reporters was posted before 11:00 EST and quite possibly much earlier.
The body wasn't even cold when the scum media goes after the victim's mom and family.
And no, in most media markets, other than an initial story, most media don't publish the victim's name or ask the family for interviews for at least a day after the accident.
In Chicago, where murders are a daily occurrence, they don't shove their microphones and cameras into the victims faces within an hour or 2 after the murder.
So, Ted Cruz is right, the NYC media and it's liberal politicians are worse than pond scum with mosquitoes and the media and politicians have a different set standards than the rest of the country.
That doesn't mean most of the residents of NYC are bad but their political and media leaders are and that is what Ted Cruz was talking about.

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