Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Sad State Of Liberalism

Way back when, liberalism had some class and ethics- when?  Not sure, but I am sure it happened once or twice in history.
So the liberals in Wisconsin and the United states decided that Scott Walker, who kicked liberals/Democrats asses many times over, decided to go after not only Walker but anybody who supported him.
From Daily Takes:
Well, what do you know. The soon-to-be-history Government Accountability Board and their hackneyed John Doe investigation of Wisconsin conservatives had me in their sights all along.
Yesterday, my former employer let me know that disgraced former Special Prosecutor Francis Schmitz sent me a letter informing me that four years of my emails, online calendar, and all documents stored in the Google Drive cloud had been seized during the John Doe witch hunt.
Included in these emails are pdfs of my tax returns.
All my online passwords.
All my personal health records and those of my oldest daughter.
Credit card and banking statements.
In short, they sought and (thanks to a Judge who didn’t scrutinize the request) they received everything emailed by or to me for nearly four years. All over a suspected violation of campaign finance law, which has subsequently been determined by the court to be based on a flawed interpretation of state law.
Perhaps I should have seen it coming.
In November of 2013 a reporter contacted me to inquire whether a search warrant had been executed on my home. It had not. I wrote about it here.
At the time, I posited that perhaps the reporter was simply fishing, dishonestly probing for information. I owe Jason Stein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel an apology. He clearly had some info leaked to him. The facts were off, the leak was illegal, but he was just doing his job, tracking down leads.
Not only was the prosecution of this matter deemed to be unConstitutional and not based on Wisconsin law, the prosecutor’s actions have proven to be inept.
1) Part of what they asked for were my MacIver emails from 1/1/09 to 10/19/13. They sent  letter to MacIver about this last week. But I have not been employed by MacIver for more than two three years. One would think an investigator with unlimited taxpayer resources and staff in five counties could conduct a simple Google search to determine as much.  I was not informed. Schmitz sent a letter, addressed to me, at a former employer. Thankfully, after Christmas break, that employer let me know about it.
2) The prosecutor failed to meet his obligation to describe for us “…with particularity, the nature and scope of the documents or electronic data that the prosecution team obtained, and from whom the documents and/or electronic data were obtained.” Mr. Schmitz’ letter merely cut and pasted from a search warrant authorized by Judge Kluka (who bailed on the case right after authorizing the warrants, by the way).
The Supreme Court told Mr. Schmitz to inform me (with particularity) of what was obtained, not what was requested. He plainly failed to do so.
3) The scope of the warrant should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that this probe was nothing more than a fishing expedition at best  and a witch hunt at worst. It covers a time period of four years, including from months before the MacIver Institute even existed (it was launched March 4, 2009), and four months before I was an employee of the think tank.
When I was growing up, we were told that communist Russia did things like this (minus the technology)
Now, it appears that the liberals in Wisconsin and U.S. are no matter than those communist thugs in Russia.
But then, the way President Obama and liberals govern, communism is pretty much an accurate statement.

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