Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Another Stupid Liberal Heard From

Steve Sebelius is a communist columnist for the LVRJ and he once again shows just how stupid liberals can be.
From the LVRJ:
There are many reasons why the ongoing armed standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon happened.
Chief among them: the federal government's inaction since the last standoff with armed insurrectionists, near Bunkerville in 2014.
That's when notorious rancher Cliven Bundy issued a call for a "range war" after the Bureau of Land Management finally moved in to collect two decades worth of unpaid grazing fees. After self-styled militia types descended on and near Bundy's ranch, pointing guns at federal officers and Las Vegas police, and at one point closing down an interstate highway, the BLM backed off.
And while we've been told that federal authorities continue to investigate the Bundy matter, no prosecutions have come. Asked last month about the situation, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said the wheels of justice turn slowly....
Instead, let's confront the facts as they are: Armed insurrectionists once more seeking out a fight with the federal government, simply to highlight a version of public lands law they think is right.
Sen. Harry Reid, speaking at a Monday news conference, summed up the common-sense response to the occupation: "These people who say they want to return it [public lands] to the people, that's who has it. The people have it right now," Reid said.
Ah, yes, but they don't have the exclusive right to use it however and whenever they see fit, for their own profit and regardless of the needs of other would-be users, the environment or the public good. Ultimately, that's what the insurrectionists really want. (Well, that and engaging in a pathetic version of patriot cosplay with actual federal officers cast as the bad guys.)
As for whether the Bunkerville lawbreakers will ever be punished, and future armed seizures of federal structures discouraged? Reid had an answer for that, too: "But their day will come. They can't continue breaking the law like this without anything coming from the people who believe there should be law and order," he said. "I'm very patient, and I think we should all be very patient. But not for too long."  http://www.reviewjournal.com/opinion/columns-blogs/steve-sebelius/not-prosecuting-lawbreakers-leads-more-crime
As far as the Bundy standoff, what felonies were committed?  Maybe some trespassing by some people but actual assaults happened, except by the BLM when they tear gasses some protestors.
And in Oregon, again, other than trespassing, what laws are they breaking?
But let's look at Obama who doesn't enforce immigration laws, and there have been may people who have murdered, injured, killed by accidents, stolen from and more.  Obama and sanctuary cities have more blood on their hands than any of the Bundy's.  Has Senile Reid and moron Sebelius condemned Obama and other liberals for their murderous and hurtful actions?  Of course not.
Just more and more stupid liberals.

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