Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bronocos VS Panthers in Superbowl 50

So, the new will lay the old in Super Bowl 50.
Cam Newton vs Payton Manning will be the quarterbacks- Newton, young and Manning old.
Unless the point spread is 20 or more points for Carolina, I would bet my next paycheck on the Carolina Panthers.  I bet  boxer Floyd Maryweather, who is known to put up a large amount of money on Super Bowls, will put up about $1,000,000 on the Panthers, if a casino will take the bet.
I would also bet the over unless the line is about 65 points.
I've watched the Panthers several times this year and they look to be very tough and truly the best team in the league right now.  In addition, the game is in San Francisco and the weather is similar to Carolina as opposed to Denver.
So, Carolina has the youth and the only thing that will trip up the Panthers is the Super Bowl hype.

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