Saturday, January 30, 2016

Does Iowa Really Matter?

Let's be honest, Iowa really is only important every 4 years.
Iowa really doesn't produce much, other that Ethanol, which we don't need.  Their major export might just be bacon, which of course, is big.
Their universities pretty much suck. 
They don't have major professional teams, they are minor league when it comes to car racing.
And living in snowbird country, I don't think I have never even met 1 person from Iowa in the 9 years living out west.
So, after the caucuses on Monday, Iowa will be irrelevant again. 
So, who cares who wins, comes in 2nd or even 3rd.
And the same can be said of New Hampshire.  In fact, they probably are even worse than Iowa.  What does New Hampshire produce?  Maple syrup trees?
Do they breed the Hampshire pig?
Again, another irrelevant state. 
Now, on Monday, when Iowa goes to vote, there will be a major snowstorm and maybe 100,000 people will vote, if that.  Yet, they are treated like gold by the politicians.
So, Iowa will vote and I really don't care.  New Hampshire will vote and who really cares?
But for the next week we will hear Iowa, Iowa, New Hampshire , New Hampshire.
Hampshire pig:
Image result for hampshire pig

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