Friday, January 8, 2016

Say What? Or Hillary Is Getting Desperate

From the Las Vegas Sun:
A bullet hole was discovered in a storefront window at the Bernie Sanders campaign headquarters in northwest Las Vegas on Thursday morning, the same day the Democratic presidential candidate was on site, Metro Police said today.
Officers responded just before noon to the campaign office at 815 South Rainbow Blvd., near Alta Drive, authorities said. Police said it appears a bullet went through the window but declined to comment on whether a shot had been fired.
Sanders did interviews with several media outlets at the office Thursday morning, including with the Sun.
The Sanders campaign declined comment.
Police are investigating.
So, if the bullet wasn't shot through the window, was the bullet thrown?  Farted out of someone's butt hole?
Or perhaps this is the liberal answer to guns- no gun, just bullets.
Then again, maybe Hillary is desperate and tried to kill Bernie.

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  1. Did the bullet go from the outside in to the building or from the inside of the building out the window?