Saturday, January 16, 2016

Remember When?

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One of very excuses for liberals to support President Obama was that the stock market was doing really well and that translated into a robust economy. (Yes, Jamie, I'm looking at you)
Well, now, the stock market is tanking big time, and it sits at 15,988 which is down from 18,312 in May of 2015.  That's a drop of  $2324 from the Dow Jones Industrial average and several trillions of dollars left the stock market and a drop of 13%.
So, now, what are some the reasons why we should support President Obama?
And please, don't use the fake unemployment rates.

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  1. Now, come on. It was ONE of the metrics, not the only one. And to be fair, it is still up from every one of the Bush years, something like 9,000 points over where it was when Dubya left office.

    All of that said, I find the stock market, its fluctuations, the wild swings day-to-day, and the reasons given by experts to be sheer lunacy, most of the time. Given that the current craziness is only a couple weeks old, I think it's a little early to panic.

    I support Obama, because I think in spite of unprecedented obstruction (planned and enacted by the GOP since literally day 1, in an infamous meeting on inauguration day), we're in a better place in almost every category than we were in 2009 when he started. I like the guy. I think his wife is awesome, he's a great dad. And I don't think he resembles the Right Wing World version of him in any way.