Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cue The Tin Foil Hats

From the Sheboygan Press:
People reports today that convicted killer Steven Avery's mom told Boston radio station WAAF this week that Halbach's bone fragments were planted on the Avery property in northwestern Manitowoc County. She also dropped this gem:
"I don't think she's even dead. I don't think so."
Netflix has done a disservice in sponsoring and airing this one sided story.
Steven Avery is a thug murderer and I hope he dies a slow and painful death while in prison.
Netflix has been irresponsible for their fantasy show that now has the victim, Theresa Halbach, being portrayed as still being alive or that she was responsible for her own death, according to some crazies who watched the Netflix non-story.

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