Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Seriously? No Wins Powerball

Guess my $6 investment in my 3 Powerball tickets didn't pay off with me winning the jackpot, but then no one the $500,000,000 jackpot.
Not, the jackpot will go up to $675,000,000 or more for Saturday's drawing.
If you live in Vegas, you can't buy Powerball tickets in Nevada.
So, thousands of people will go to Primm, which is on the Nevada/California border and spend hours in line so they can waste a few dollars.
But if they were smart, they should go to Arizona, down Hwy 93.  About 30 miles of so inside of Arizona lies 3 gas stations-Last Stop, Chevron and Texaco who sell the tickets.  Last Stop closes early but Chevron is open 24 hours a day and I think Texaco is but not sure.  If those places are busy, go to Dolan Springs and there are a few places that sell the tickets.  Or, if you want to make a day of it, go to Kingman or Needles, CA, which is down U.S. 95 from Vegas and Through Searchlight.  You can also go to Bullhead City, just over the river from Laughlin.
So, if you are in Vegas, don't waste your time waiting in line in Primm, take some time and go to Arizona.

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