Saturday, January 23, 2016

New York City: Home Of The Wimps

In New York City (NYC) you have the Home of the Finest (NYPD-police officers) Home of the Bravest (FDNY-firefighters) Home of the Boldest (corrections workers) and Home of the Strongest (Sanitation-garbage men/women).  Now you can the next title to NYC: Home of the Wimps.
Today, NYC is being hit with a big snow storm and blizzard they have gotten close to 30 inches of snow but from I can see there are no huge 10 foot drifts because of the winds.
And the Mayor and governor of New York have decided that they know better and banned drivers on the city's streets.  And if you are caught driving the cops said they will arrest you and throw you in jail.
Now, it's best if you didn't drive, but if you look at the TV coverage, not all of the streets are impassable but the busier streets are passable.
And there is a difference  between a Prius and a Ford 250, a Chevy Silverado or a Toyota Tundra, trucks that can go through just about everything.
So, the nanny politicians have decided that they know better than owners of 4 wheel drive trucks and cars that can travel down the main streets. 
But if an idiot driver does get stuck, tow the car or truck and fine the driver and that alone will keep many people off the streets.
So, thanks to the Mayor and Governor of NYC and New York state, NYC is now Home of the Wimps.

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