Wednesday, January 20, 2016

One reason Why There Are No Blacks Nominated For An Oscar

I am not a movie person, I just wait for the movie to come out either on TV or if I really like the movie, maybe I will buy a CD of it.
Well, now, a few Black actors are raising a stink that no Black actors were nominated for an Oscar, so to further show that they are serious they have decided that they will not attend the Oscar ceremony on Sunday.
And the world was unmoved.
They say that "Straight Outta Of Compton" is a classic and should have been nominated for an Oscar somewhere.
Apparently, they forget that thug Suge Knight committed a murder that was either directly or indirectly related to the movie.
From the LA Times:   On a film set in Leimert Park, an actor playing rap mogul Suge Knight angrily peeled out of a parking lot in a Jeep. The film, "Straight Outta Compton," tells the origin story of N.W.A and its famed members, including Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.
The fictional reenactment on the set late last fall took on eerie overtones this week after Suge Knight's arrest on suspicion of homicide. Police allege he ran over two men with his truck, killing one, Thursday following an altercation in connection with the film.
So, do you honestly think that the voters for the Oscars are going to nominate a film that was indirectly, at best, involved in a murder involving a thug named Suge Knight?
So, the Black entertainers who don't want to show up for the Oscars, it's not a big deal and they won't be missed.
And the Oscar voters did the right thing by not nominating "Straight Outta Compton", a thug movie that involved a big thug, Suge Knight who ran another person down in cold blood.

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