Monday, November 7, 2016

Liberal Hypocrites

From the Chicago Tribune: Schools developed safety plans and Chicago officials appealed for calm Monday after the fatal shooting of a black man by off-duty police in the largely white Mount Greenwood neighborhood led to a racially charged confrontation between protesters and counter-demonstrators over the weekend.
Joshua Beal, 25, of Indianapolis, was shot Saturday in the 3100 block of West 111th Street after a road rage incident escalated into a physical altercation with an off-duty police officer. Relatives say Beal, a father of two, had just left his cousin's funeral at nearby Mount Hope Cemetery and was on his way to visit an uncle at a South Side hospital.
Beal's killing on a sunny, warm afternoon sparked racial tensions a day later between about 15 protesters against police brutality and hundreds of so-called Blue Lives Matter demonstrators and Mount Greenwood residents who hurled racial-tinged slurs and held up signs including one that read, "You are animals, #gohome."...
There is no place in the city of Chicago for racially, culturally or ethnically tinged language," the mayor said. "It is totally unacceptable. You can have a protest. You can make your views known without it spilling over to anywhere that in any way demonizes anybody for their race, their ethnicity or their culture."
So, where was Clintonite, Rahm Emmanuel when the terrorist group, black lives matter protested in Chicago with their hateful language and threats?
Where was Rahm when liberals brought on the violence so bad that Donald Trump had to cancel a campaign speech due to liberal thugs?
And where is Rahmboy's anger over the 600+ murders in Chicago, most of who were minorities?
Typical liberal, get mad at free speech but not a damn word over the hundreds and hundreds of murders in his city and where Obama is from.
And Hillary will be the same- give a pass to thugs and criticize conservatives both white and black conservatives.
Just another POS liberal mayor.

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