Friday, November 4, 2016

Something Strange Is Going On With The Liberal Media

Something Strange Is Going with the mainstream/liberal media in the past week or two.
All of a sudden, they are attacking Hillary and taking it easy on Trump.
Even the extremely racist and liberal extremist newspaper, the NY Daily News today is running a very long anti Hillary column.  And they ran this cartoon:
And the News is not attacking Trump like they have previously, where they plastered their web site with extremely hateful articles. They kicked out the Liberal Redneck, who is a federal employee, but also a foul mouthed hateful person.
The news also neutered Shaun King, a Black version of a Grand Wizard of the KKK, who wrote about Trump almost on a daily basis but has virtually been sent to the basement and the News locked the door.
I've seen this happen in many other liberal news sites like the NY Times, CNN, Chicago Tribune and others. Their attacks on Trump have lessened and attacks on Hillary have increased. (Of course, not everyday) 
Do they feel guilty? 
Are they looking at the polls and see Trump is gaining and could possibly win?
Are they afraid that they have become too unethical? 
Are they losing advertising revenue? 
Are they losing subscriptions?
Are they losing customers and readers to their web sites?
My guess is that all are possible except feeling guilty and feeling unethical. 
It will be an interesting next couple of days.

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