Monday, November 28, 2016

More Liberal Whining AboutTrump

From the NY Times: The Manhattan White House of Donald J. Trump is in the center of one of the busiest and richest urban corridors in the world, close to major corporate and bank headquarters and expensive high-rises. The protection of Mr. Trump during visits to Trump Tower presents challenges unlike those of any previous president.
In addition to whatever fortifications and personnel the Secret Service deploys but doesn’t talk about, the city has assigned 50 additional traffic agents and police officers to manage flow, and has posted surveillance officers on elevated platforms and rooftops. Bomb-sniffing dogs and plainclothes police officers patrol the vicinity, and heavy-weapons teams are nearby, according to the police chief of department, Carlos M. Gomez.
So, where was the whining of the NY Times when Obama would have date night in NYC?
Where was the NY Times and liberals whining when Obama vacationed in Hawaii, the Hamptons and elsewhere?
Of course they were silent, but all of a sudden these useful idiots, like the total of 4 writers morons of the NY Times, decided since Trump was elected, they will wake up from their slumber and start worrying about all the problems having a president visit or live in a place other than the White House can have.

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