Sunday, November 6, 2016

Something Strange Going On

So, FBI director, James Comey wrote a letter to several members of Congress stating the FBI investigated Hillary and found that they didn't have enough information to charge Hillary for her scandals ridden e-mails.
Ummm, ok.
So, the FBI sent the letter out on a Sunday afternoon/ evening, when most people are watching TV, mowing the grass or raking leaves, relaxing or any other activity do on a nice Sunday evening. Or they are working.
The letter by Comey almost sounds like a resignation letter.
Only 1 network had a special report on TV and that was NBC, who interrupted a NASCAR rain delay and showed it to their 3 fans.
There was no press conference.
It comes a day after president obama spoke at length about the FBI did the week before.
Seems strange to me.

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