Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pictures Of Sore Loser Thugs

The U.K. daily Mail has posted the mug shots of the thugs who were arrested in Portland OR.
Here are some thugs on parade:
Pictured: (Top L-R)  Michelle Ann Bach, 18; Nathan Willard Prime, 25; Nathaniel Prieto, 22 (Middle L-R) Noah Hochman, 30; Patrick Sottlemyre, 27; Reegan Margaret Okeefe, 18 (Bottom L-R) Robert Quandt, 27; Robert Wilson, 24;  Scarlett Maddox, 24
71 protesters arrested during fourth night of violent anti-Trump protests in Portland 
Pictured: (Top L-R) Joseph Owan Gibson, 33; Justin Sean Tuli, 22; Katharine Mae Moore, 38 (Middle L-R) Kenneth Lee Shields, 37; Kevin Grigsby, 30; Lars Timothy Linge, 18 (Bottom L-R) Mario Villanueva, 18; Martin Farias, 20; Matthew McGowan, 21
So, here are some of the thugs, gangbanger wannabes, poor losers and just losers all across the board.
Many more thugs have been arrested across the county because they did not accept the results of the election because after all, they are thugs with a combined IQ of 35 of all those arrested.

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