Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Election Night Predictions

Well, this a night 99.9% of Americans have wished for: the end of the 2016 elections.  We have endured about 11 months of election coverage on the radio, TV and in the newspaper.  We have had to tolerate lies, a biased media, scandals and boredom.
With that, here are my predictions:
1. President Donald Trump.
2. The election won't be decided until after midnight, Pacific time.
3. The losers speech will be bitter, no matter who loses.
4. Dr. Joe Heck wins the Nevada senate seat.
5. John McCain loses his senate seat.
6. Pot is legalized in Arizona and Nevada.
7. Sheriff Joe Arpiro wins in a landslide in Maricopa County in AZ.
8. The GOP loses the Senate.
9. The GOP keeps the House.
10. The election map that shows GOP/Democrat counties and who they for for president will be 80% red.
11. There will be no rioting in the streets.  Chicago, while it appears they are rioting, it will actually be a normal night with about 5 people murdered and another 12 shot and wounded.
12. If Hillary wins, president Obama will pardon her within 72 hours.
So, these are my predictions. Any other predictions?

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