Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Winners For The Presidential 2016 Elections

Here is my list of winners for the 2016 Elections.  The losers of the elections are in the post above.
1.  Donald Trump: He proved that he was the best candidate to go against Hillary Clinton.  He withstood all of her slings and arrows and accusations, both true and false.  The Clintons only know how to play dirty and none of the other 16 GOP candidates would have had the skill to ignore the accusations and strong enough to go toe to toe with her.
Trump also adjusted his tactics from being bombastic boob to looking presidential in  the last 2 months.
He also showed that he didn't need the GOP hierarchy or their money.  He also proved that he was not a danger to the other GOP candidates as the House and Senate are still held by the GOP.
Trump also knew his voters and knew to hit the right buttons.  clearly, he is a master politician even though he is not a professional politician.
2.  Mike Pence: When Trump picked Pence for his vice president, Trump was out of control with his speeches, Twitter and some actions.  Pence calmed down Trump and Trump became more likable.  Pence saved Trump from being a landslide losing candidate.  Pence brought legitimacy to the ticket and if Pence was not chosen, Trump probably would not have won.
3. Sean Hannity:  Hannity was about the only conservative talk show host who backed Trump from the beginning.  Other talk show hosts had other picks and then picked another and then possibly another.  Most hosts were angry when trump got the nomination and talked down about Trump, like Mark Levin, and only got on the Trump band wagon in the last few weeks before the election.
4.  Brave Hispanics, Blacks, gays and other minorities who strayed off the liberal plantation to support and vote for Trump.  If a Black person voted for Trump, they were labeled an Uncle Tom.  If a Black, Hispanic or Gay person went on social media saying they were voting for Trump, they were threatened, mocked, ridiculed etc. by those tolerant liberals.  These are truly heroes of this election.
5.  Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report.  The man gets 1,500,000,000 hits a month and he was all in for Trump and against Hillary.  By himself, he took on the mainstream media and won.
6.  Wikileaks/Julian Assange: Wikileaks received hacked e-mails from the DNC and Hillary's staff and it showed the inner workings of the Clinton and DNC.  They exposed play to play, media bias and other scandals.  The democrats say the hacking was done by the Russians though there was no proof of that.
7.  Donald Trump's family: Trump's family worked just as hard as papa Trump and they showed their love of their father by working their butts off.  This was a Trump family affair and it probably brought their family even closer.
8.  The GOP elected officials who were not afraid to endorse or campaign with Trump throughout the campaign.  Jeff Sessions was singled out by Trump last night during Trumps victory speech.  These Trump supporters could have taken the easy way out and withheld their endorsements like many other GOP cowards, but they didn't.
9.  The Secret Service:  Who else was under as much pressure as the members of the Secret Service?  They had to guard and keep safe Donald Trump and they had to protect him from liberal plants from Hillary who were under orders to disrupt Trump rallies and speeches.  They really had to be careful so that they protected Trump while also guarding the rights of the liberal goons.
Those who had the misfortune of guarding Hillary, there are numerous reports of Clintons abuse towards the agents from the time she was First Lady until now.  Whoever had to guard her in the last 2 weeks of the election and going forward rally have to have a thick skin as she probably abused and horribly mistreated the agents who had to protect her.  It is well known that she hates cops and the military and those who guard her and the White House.
10. Bill Clinton:  Good Old Bill.  I have to give him credit for staying calm about all the true accusations about him abusing women.  I also give him credit for sticking with Hillary sll these years, though it is highly doubtful he has a normal marriage with Hillary.  But he also spoke his mind several times about different subjects such as ObamaCare.  He may have done more damage to Hillary's candidacy than anybody else. When Bill paid a social call to Loretta Lynch on her plane in Phoenix, just a few days before the FBI cleared Hillary of the e-mail scandal, that probably harmed Hillary more than anything else.
Those are my top 10 winners in the 2016 Presidential Elections.

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  1. I would add Reince Priebus, head of the RNC. He kept everything fair to all candidates from the Republican party despite a lot of pressure from the elitists.