Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Top 10 Losers Of Presidential Elections

Below are the Top 10 Losers of the 2016 presidential elections.
1. Hillary Clinton: What can you say.  She was an everyday scandal maker.  How may scandals?  Probably between 50 and 100, depending on your definition of a scandal.  Hillary was so arrogant that she pretty much stopped campaigning about a month ago and only picked up campaigning this past week when became clear the race was much closer than she and her team could believe.  She was a horrible candidate who thought she was entitled to be president because she was a woman.  The only person who to blame for Hillary's loss is Hillary herself.
2.  The media:  The media, from national to local members of the media were the most dishonest people in this election.  They violated the ethics guidelines of journalists day in and day out.  The media were not fair to Trump and were in love with Hillary.  They ignored the Clinton's scandals (both Bill, Hillary and Chelsea) while falsely creating Trump's scandals.  Who can believe anything the media says from here on out.
3.  The pollsters: The pollsters created false polls by putting more Democrats in their sample group, thereby inflating Hillary's numbers.  They did this on purpose because those paying the pollsters were the liberal media who wanted the polls to come out a certain way.  Again, who will believe pollsters from here on out?
4.  The Democrat Party:  The Democrats decided that Hillary was going to be their candidate for president, no matter what.  Because of this, they ignored Hillary's scandals and so they came up with the worst presidential candidate possible.  They sabotaged Bernie Sanders run for president and probably scared off several other much better candidates.  They also teamed up with CNN and got debates questions from CNN for Hillary.
5.  The U.S. Justice Department: The Justice Department is no longer a crime and punishment agency but it is a protector of the Democratic elite who break the laws.  They also decided to bring criminal charges against Sheriff Joe Arpio just a couple weeks before his election and yet refused to do anything to Hillary.  In fact, the Justice Dept. put Hillary cronies in charge of the investigation.
6.  The U.S. Justice Dept.: The Justice Dept. brought in thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants in the past several years with the sole purpose of allowing them to vote in this presidential elections.  While the Border Patrol agents on the front lines do a good jobs, the higher ups do their best to allow as many as illegals into the country and granting them citizenship, whether they deserve it or not, so they can vote in this election.
7.  The Never trump crowd of the GOP.  There were many Never Trump members and they did their best to sabotage Trump.  Charlie Sykes, a Milwaukee talk show host, who used to be conservative but now is a liberal or worse, was a leader of this group.  John McCain, Jon Kasich, Paul Ryan and others decided to sabotage Trump one way or another.  They are not Republicans and deserve nothing but jeers and no support from the GOP and conservatives.
8.  President Obama: Say good bye to Obama's legacy, whatever it was.  Say good bye to ObamaCare.  Say good bye to his failed policy in the Mid East, Iraq, Afghanistan and other nations we are at war with.  Obama had a failed presidency and the American voters who voted for Trump ensured that Obama will go down as the worst president ever.
9.  Liberals:  The liberals turned out to be violent, supported violence or decided that they were more important than anybody else.  They didn't believe in free speech, just their speech was important. They decided to disrupt Trump rallies, they decided to be violent, they decided that there speech is more important than anybody else.  Basically many liberals have proved to be thugs.
10.  Blacks, Latinos, Gays and any other group on the liberal plantation who voted for their liberal candidate based on group think.  Maybe these groups will become independent and vote for the candidate of their choice instead of being told who to vote for.  Maybe these leaders of these minorities will allow those under their control to vote for who they want to and not for who they are told to vote for.
11.  As a bonus, Celebrities: Once again, just because a celebrity says to vote for someone, it doesn't mean they will have anybody listen to them.  Probably 95% of celebrities said they voted for Hillary and guess what.. not may people listened to them because Hillary lost.  Celebrity endorsements means nothing now and in fact, it may hurt the candidate.
So, these are my top 11losers in the 2016 presidential elections.  There are more but why beat a dead horse named Hillary.


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  2. Suffice to say, good for you. Can't say I agree with much of this, least of all the part about the media. Take that part, strike it and flip it 180 degrees. And I'll say that Trump gets no honeymoon from me, mostly because Obama got none on your side, and because I've despised Trump since before presidential politics had a thing to do with it. And that's it for now, but enjoy the win.

  3. Dan, as you know I was a NeverTrump from the beginning (voted Libertarian for 1st time in 44 yrs voting) That said I will support our new President but also call him out if he falls back to his Liberal East Coast ways.

  4. Jeff, that's fair and I think most conservatives will do the same.
    Jamie, I also agree with you. Obama did not get a honeymoon, but I think the days of giving an elected a honeymoon is over, especially with social media being so strong.