Thursday, November 3, 2016

Strange Nickname For A Baseball Team

From the NY Daily News: With apologies to famed ring announcer Michael Buffer, we're imagining something like this from the Mets' Double-A team to its players:
"Let's get ready to (be) Ruuuuuumble…Ponies."
In a wave of rebranding, the Mets' Binghamton affiliate, known as the Mets since the club's inception in 1992, is changing it's nickname to Rumble Ponies, the owners announced Thursday.
When I was in high school at Oconomowoc High School in Wisconsin, our mascot was a racoon. 
However, the school nickname was Cooney.
And our gym bags said "Home of the Coons".
Needless to say, this was during the days when most people were not politically correct.

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