Friday, November 11, 2016

Stupid :Lawyer Of The Week

Of course, stupid lawyers is an oxymoron but this idiot lawyer takes the prize for stupidest lawyer of the week/month/year.
From Fire Rescue 1: A volunteer fire department and its chief were hit with questions surrounding a water rescue attempt that resulted in the death of a Marine.
Pipe Creek firefighter Jeremiah Trombly was responding to a water rescue call June 8 when Chief Brandon Lee ordered him to turn around the rescue truck he was driving and pick up a larger trailer. The trailer had a rescue boat, but after further investigation, it was found the boat did not have a working motor. Trombly noted that the brakes to the department’s trailer were not working....
Following Trombly’s resignation, the department hired an attorney, who stated the department was not required to send firefighters to the scene. 
“These guys are volunteers. They do the best they can because they want to ‘kinda’ be a firefighter and also help their communities,” attorney Tom Caldwell wrote in an email. “They don’t have all the training a city department does. Nor do they have any duty whatsoever to make calls.”
Kinda be a firefighter????
What an idiot.  About 70% of fire departments in the United States have volunteer firefighters.  In fact, in New York City, there are at least 5 volunteer fire departments and 1 large volunteer ambulance organization.
Tom Caldwell, kinda attorney, you are a fool and complete moron.  Most volunteers firefighters have as much training as full time firefighters.
As a former volunteer firefighter, who received as much training as a career firefighter, I find Caldwell's comment offensive and it shows he is a really uninformed lawyer, who probably has a 5th grade education.

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