Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Who In Chicago Is Going To Cry For This Toddler?

From the Chicago Sun Times: Police were called to Garfield Park over the Labor Day weekend last year because someone had found a tiny decomposing human foot floating in the West Side lagoon.
Divers soon found another foot, two arms and, ultimately, a toddler’s head in the murky waters....Police now believe they have unraveled the mystery, and it is no less horrifying or puzzling to comprehend.They suspect a 41-year-old Rockford man killed 2-year-old Kyrian Knox because the lactose-intolerant boy was given some milk and wouldn’t stop crying.
The baby and toddler are black.
So, where are the tears for this baby? President Obama, this happened in your city.
Same thing, Jesse Jackson. 
Same thing black lives don't matter, Chicago chapter.
Same here, Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago and hard core Democrat.
The much despised Chicago police department solved this crime while the thugs family was threatening people who knew about the murder, not to to the police.
RIP Kryian.

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