Monday, November 28, 2016

Liberal Version Of The Bundys (Not Al and Family)

The media is refusing to make the connection between the liberal wackos protesting on Federal land in North Dakota and the alt-right wackos who protested on Federal land in Oregon and Nevada, with mainly the Bundy clan leading the pack in those protests.
From the Bismarck Tribune:
Gov. Jack Dalrymple issued a mandatory emergency evacuation order Monday directed at the hundreds of Dakota Access Pipeline protesters camping on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land. The edict was issued as a winter storm has dumped at least a half foot of snow throughout the central part of the state. No law enforcement resources have yet been dedicated to enforcement of the order. Dalrymple’s order said that the corps land is not safe for the arrangement of tents and teepees erected by protesters in Morton County. He also referenced last Friday’s order by the corps to vacate the land by Dec. 5.The order, issued late Monday afternoon, is effective immediately and will remain until the governor rescinds it.Tribal leaders and others at the camp have indicated they won’t leave by the corps deadline.
The liberals, when the Bundy's were acting out were going nuts about them, saying they were un-American, that the government should violently take over the land the Bundy's occupied and basically sided with the Feds.
Now, the liberals are supporting the hippies, anarchists, Native Americans and other protestors who occupy Federal and state land.
What a bunch of hypocrites.

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