Sunday, July 4, 2010

Queen Nation Review: Fantastic

On most Wednesday evenings, at the Las Vegas Hilton, Jerry Greenberg brings in tribute bands to rock the house. We've never went to these shows thinking the quality just isn't that good. We were wrong.
We went to see Queen Nation, a tribute band to Queen. The theater was about 4/5's filled and there were long lines at the ticket window to go to the show.
The band, Queen Nation had the place rocking with people dancing by their seats and in the aisles. They play their own instruments and no lip syncing and they were great. The singer had a great voice and the guitar player was excellent. The bass player and drummer were very good as well. They played all of Queen's hits and the show lasted 90 minutes. The play list is on the band's web site. The band had the place jumping and the members of the audience were of all ages. The band had kids as young as 10 or so dancing in the aisles as well as senior citizens. After the show, the band met the audience in the bar outside the theatre. Class act.
The band based out of Los Angles, could easily play Las Vegas regularly and easily sell out slightly smaller venues. Too bad that they don't play more than once or twice a month.
For more information:
Jerry Greenberg has been in rock music, mostly as an executive for Atlantic Records almost since rock was invented and he has worked with many of the older stars, or least how that is portrayed in the video tribute to him.
He brings the tribute bands to the Las Vegas Hilton and apparently they are very good, if Queen Nation is any indication. In the next few weeks, tribute bands for the Beetles, AC/DC and Stevie Nicks will be playing. Check the Las Vegas Hilton web site for more information.
Ticket prices start at $20, which is well worth the expense.

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