Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some Super Bowl Prop Bets

Up until this year, I really didn't know about proposition (prop) bets so, i went to the Fiesta Casino to see what they are all about and maybe make a bet or two.
The Fiesta and Station Casinos had a 13 page booklet full of bets.  Here are some of the bets:
The bet with the biggest odds:  New England Patriots scoring 4 points: 7000-1  Giants are 6000-1
Shortest Touchdown run: 1 1/2 yards Longest 49 1/2 yards
Total Interceptions in the game: 2 1/2  Fumbles lost 1 1/2  Penalties in the game: 11  Punts in the game 8 1/2
First team to challenge, First team to call a timeout, First team to punt, Team to score will win the game, Will there be a safety, First score game will be a touchdown or field goal/safety, First team to make a challenge, first sack, which team will win the coin toss etc.
Then they have individual bets: Will Chad Ochocinco catch a pass, Victor Cruz's longest reception (26 1/2), will Eli Manning make an interception Same with Tom Brady), number of touchdown passes thrown (both QB's 2 1/2), longest completion (43 1/2), Rob Gronkowski receptions (6), tackles and assists by Osi Umenyiora (2 1/2),
Then the combination sport bets: Who will score more points: Lebron James or the New York Giants, Wes Walker number of receptions vs Lebron's number assists, Tom Brady's TD passes or Boston Bruin goals who play on Sunday and Victor Cruz receptions vs Flyers and Bruins goals scored in their game on Sunday.
They also have bets if the Giants and Yankees win the NFL and World Series this year and same with New England and Boston Red Sox.
They also have a NASCAR bets.  Tey combine the Giants or the Patriots with a NASCAR driver driving in the Daytona 500.  For instance the Giants and Jimmie Johnson both win, the odds are 12-1, Giants and Tony Stewart 18-1, Giants and Dale Earnhardt Jr. 22-1 and the field, which includes Jeff Gordon.  Danica Patrick and the Giants is 125-1.  The odds with the Patriots are 2 o more points less in most of the bets.
They also have the odds for next years Super Bowl, with the Green bay Packers at 5-1, New England at 7-1, Giants at 20-1 and the Cleveland Browns at 200-1.
So, there are some of the bets and if you have a question others, let me know.

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