Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bad Week For Cops, Firefighters

Sadly, 2 cops were shot and killed this week, both on the same day and another cops was shot and critically wounded and fighting for his life last night in Boston.
From the Officer Down Memorial Page: Trooper Trevor Casper was shot and killed in Fond du Lac while attempting to apprehend a bank robbery and murder suspect at approximately 5:30 pm.
The subject was believed to have robbed a bank in Wausaukee approximately four hours earlier. Approximately one hour after the bank robbery the suspect abandoned the vehicle he was driving, murdered a citizen, and stole a second vehicle in Marinette County.
Trooper Casper located the second vehicle as it was being driven through Fond du Lac and began following it. He was directing other officers to their location when the man pulled into a grocery store parking lot and stopped. The man exchanged shots with the responding officers and Trooper Casper was fatally shot. The subject was also shot and killed by return fire.
Trooper Casper had graduated from the police academy only three months prior to the incident and was on his first shift after being cut loose from field training. He is survived by his parents and two sisters.

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Police Officer Michael Johnson was shot and killed as he and other officers responded to a suicide threat at an apartment in the 2600 block of Senter Road shortly after 6:40 pm.
A friend of the subject in the apartment had called police and stated the man was drunk and was possibly having thoughts of hurting himself. As officers approached the building the man stepped onto the balcony and opened fire without warning, fatally wounding Officer Johnson. Other officers returned fire and provided aid to Officer Johnson.
The subject was found dead on his balcony at approximately 3:30 am after the SWAT team's robot made entry into the apartment.
Officer Johnson had served with the San Jose Police Department for 14 years.

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And from the Boston Herald: 
A Hub gang cop was seriously injured last night after being shot in the face during a Roxbury gun battle that left one suspect dead, an innocent bystander wounded and neighbors ducking for cover.
“The officer here is in tough shape, but we’re all pulling for him and hopefully he’ll pull through. His family is with him, the clergy has been here, and again, let’s pray for him,” Boston police Commissioner William B. Evans said following the 6:40 p.m. shootout on Humboldt Avenue near Ruthven Street.
Officer John T. Moynihan — a 34-year-old member of the gang unit and a highly decorated former Army Ranger who served in the war in Iraq — was shot under his right eye and in critical condition at Boston Medical Center last night, police said.
Evans said the officer and his partners pulled over a car “they were watching” when one of the occupants came out firing, immediately wounding the policeman. The other cops returned fire and killed him, Evans said.
The gun battle, which took place in the Humboldt Avenue neighborhood of storefronts and brick apartment buildings, also left an innocent bystander — a middle-aged woman — with “a flesh wound,” possibly to her right arm after apparently being caught in the crossfire, Evans said.
“You’ve got way too many guns out there and way too many young kids running around with the guns, and unfortunately this is what happens,” Evans said outside the hospital.
Two other occupants in the car were being questioned by police last night as Evans appealed to the public for any information. No information was provided by police regarding the deceased suspect.
Sadly, the fools and tools who support black thugs decided to march on over and demand information from the cops about the dead thug.
Activists who have protested police conduct following the Ferguson, Mo., and New York killings of unarmed black men appeared at the scene, demanding information about the dead suspect.
A little pepper spray and hits from a baton might knock some sense into these racist thugs and fools and tools.
Finally, a Cincinnati firefighter was killed in the line of duty when he fell down a elevator shaft while searching for possible victims at an apartment building fire.
Cincinnati firefighters are mourning the loss of Daryl Gordon, 54, who died after falling down an elevator shaft at a four-alarm fire Thursday morning. Gordon leaves behind his wife Angela and two daughters. 
“He put himself in harm's way to help residents in the building,” said Mayor John Cranley at a press conference. “It takes a special breed to rush into fire when the natural instinct is to flee.”
The fire was reported in a second floor apartment around at King Tower Apartments at 5:30 a.m. The fire was contained by 6, reports.
Firefighter Daryl Gordon is Black.
Did the racist brothers of Barack, Eric, Al and Jesse reach out to this hero's family?  Did they raise any money for his kids and family?
Did the thugs, racists and fools and tools protesting Boston take a moment out of their rioting and protesting to remember Firefighter Gordon?
I am pretty sure they all are saying "Firefighter Gordon, who?"

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