Friday, March 13, 2015

Obama, Michelle Wasting Taxpayer Money Again

Breitbart: The pre-taped Michelle Obama appearance with Ellen airs Monday. 
After the Kimmel show, President Obama attended a DNC fundraiser before leaving this morning for a separate trip to Phoenix, Arizona aboard Air Force One.
The First Lady flew back to Washington D.C. separately, while the president will fly back to Washington D.C. this afternoon.
When asked by reporters on Air Force One if the President and the First Lady saw each other yesterday, White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz replied, “I don’t believe so,” adding that he was “not even sure they overlapped.”
“I believe on this occasion the schedules were not in sync in order to travel together,” Shultz explained.
I've been about the only blogger out there that has stated on the record that Obama has been banging another woman out here on the west cast, mainly in Las Vegas but I am sure the other woman can move around whenever and wherever she wants to.
Most of the time, President Obama is discreet and Michelle may not have  known about the other woman in Vegas until now. 
It is also pretty clear that the Obama's don't have a healthy marriage relationship and President's relationship with his 2 daughters also are strained as it does not mention that the girls were with him.
it's a shame that the Obama marriage is quite rocky and Obama and the kids maintain a poor relationship as well.
So, Obama has a poor relation with Michelle and a poor relationship with his kids.
I guess when you only care about yourself, things like relationships are tossed aside.

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