Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Mystery Deepens

I wonder why they are not naming the nationalities or the names of the pilots of the GermanWings Airline that crashed yesterday.
From the New York Times: As officials struggled Wednesday to explain why a jet with 150 people on board crashed amid a relatively clear sky, an investigator said evidence from a cockpit voice recorder indicated one pilot left the cockpit before the plane’s descent and was unable to get back in.
A senior military official involved in the investigation described “very smooth, very cool” conversation between the pilots during the early part of the flight from Barcelona, Spain, to Düsseldorf, Germany. Then the audio indicated that one of the pilots left the cockpit and could not re-enter.
“The guy outside is knocking lightly on the door, and there is no answer,” the investigator said. “And then he hits the door stronger, and no answer. There is never an answer.”
He said, “You can hear he is trying to smash the door down.”
While the audio seemed to give some insight into the circumstances leading to the Germanwings crash on Tuesday morning, it also left many questions unanswered.
“We don’t know yet the reason why one of the guys went out,” said the official, who requested anonymity because the investigation was continuing. “But what is sure is that at the very end of the flight, the other pilot is alone and does not open the door.”
One wonders why the pilot left the cockpit only 30 minutes into the flight.  Was he tricked?  A weak bladder?
One can also rule out that the cabin was depressurized suddenly.
To me, it is starting to look like some kind of terrorism and/or suicide.
Just wonder if the pilot in the cockpit was muslim?

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