Sunday, March 22, 2015

Good News For Gov. Scott walker

From the Washington Post: When Jim Ulmer came to see Scott Walker here last week, he was transfixed. “He’s the little engine that could,” Ulmer said, describing the Wisconsin governor who successfully battled labor unions and has rocketed to the front of the Republican presidential race.
“He has guts,” said Ulmer, 52, Republican Party chairman in rural Orangeburg County. “The people of America are looking for another Ronald Reagan, someone we can believe in, someone who will keep freedom safe. Walker could be it.”
As hundreds of likely GOP primary voters took their first look at Walker here last week, many said he has the qualities they hope to see in the GOP’s next standard-bearer. They acknowledged they know very little about Walker yet said they are ready to vote him into the White House.
As they see it, he’s a fighter, tenacious and decisive. He fought the unions again and again, and he won each time. They see the 47-year-old governor as a truth-teller, a pure conservative and an energetic, fresh face — as the future.
“He represents everything I want in a president,” Joan Boyce, 61, a school cafeteria worker, said after seeing him speak at a barbecue dinner in Greenville. “He’s refreshing for a change. He feels honest to me — he really does. He doesn’t talk like a politician. He talks like a regular guy.”
I will be honest, Scott Walker is my choice for GOP president in 2016.  He knows how to take on Democrats and win.
Walker is an everyday type of guy, though he has been a politician most of his adult life.
Walker has never had a high paying job, compared to most politicians- he makes about $137,000 a year.
He doesn't have a foundation that takes money from foreign countries and he doesn't get $250,000+ per speech.
And he kicks Democrats butts.
So, go Walker.

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