Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Who Cares

From the Las Vegas Sun: A group of inmates at Nevada's maximum-security prison in Ely refused food for two days to call attention to claims they're not getting enough to eat, according to Nevada corrections officials and a group that advocates for prisoner rehabilitation.
Seventeen inmates continued the meal boycott Saturday morning, the statement said. Prison administrators met with each inmate "to listen to their issues," and all inmates were taking meals by Saturday evening, officials said.
No one was injured, sickened, taken to a medical facility or force-fed, according to the statement. 
The prison protest was publicized by a Las Vegas-based nonprofit group called Nevada Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants.
Chances are the inmates who are not eating probably could afford to lose some weight anyways.
And you gotta give credit to the support group named Nevada Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants.  NCURE, as they are known, sure has a good name for their thug frirndgs,,- Errants. 

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