Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jermey Clarkson Fired By The BBC

From the UK Daily Telegraph: Jeremy Clarkson is to be sacked as Top Gear presenter after a BBC investigation concluded he did attack a producer on the programme.
Lord Hall, the Director General of the BBC, is expected to announce his decision on Wednesday after considering the findings of an internal investigation.
Clarkson, 54, will be thanked for his work on the hugely popular motoring show, but will be told such behaviour cannot be tolerated at the Corporation.
It is understood a report into the so-called ‘fracas’ at a North Yorkshire hotel, concluded that presenter spent 20 minutes verbally abusing producer Oisin Tymon, before launching a 30 second physical assault on him.
The outburst came after Clarkson, who is one of the BBC’s best paid stars, was informed he could not have steak and chips after a day’s filming because the hotel where they were staying had stop serving hot food.
But despite finally deciding to axe the show's star presenter, the BBC is planning to continue broadcasting Top Gear on BBC2.
According to well-placed sources, senior executives at the Corporation have been wooing Radio 2 Breakfast Show host and self- confessed ‘petrol-head’, Chris Evans in the hope he will agree to take over.
Evans, 48, who has one of the most prestigious car collections in Britain, including a £12 million 1963 Ferrari 250GTO, had previously ruled himself out of the running, but bosses are keen to persuade him to sign up.
It is not clear whether Clarkson’s co presenters James May and Richard Hammond will remain with the programme or will join Clarkson on any new ventures.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/11493270/Jeremy-Clarkson-to-be-sacked-by-the-BBC.html
I am a late coming fan to Top Gear, I just began watching for about a year but enjoyed the show immensely and have enjoyed watching both the reruns and the new shows.
However, Clarkson's contract would have ended at the end of this month and it is doubtful he would have walked away from Top Gear because he hated the liberal BBC as Clarkson is a proud conservative.
Hopefully, Clarkson will resurface somewhere, maybe in the U.S. or on other Top Gear shows throughout the world or maybe this from article:
It is thought Clarkson may sign for American network Netflix, which is becoming increasingly popular with global TV audiences.
So, if you never heard of Top Gear, here is a sample of what you have missed:

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